Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter At Lou Anne and Danny's

Easter 2009

The cake Jera made. It came out adorable!!

Uncle Dan holding Bryce. It just melts Dan's
heart when Bryce wants to snuggle him.
Noah (check out his boots lol) Grace and Allie

Kennedy,Carter, Dylan and Trent

Allie showing me her eggs.

Carter is on the hunt.

Look at all those eggs! No wonder she won!!!
She knew where to go!!

Gracie got a couple eggs. She was so cute. She went to grab
an egg and seen a little toad hop and that was the end of picking
up that egg!!! (She's so adorable)

Bryce was on a roll with gathering eggs!!!
Once he figured it out he ran after the eggs and ran
them back to his dad to put in his basket!!
This is certainly the age when they are so fun!!

Carter showin off all the eggs he found!

Dan helping the kids count and empty their plastic eggs.

Kennedy counting her eggs and SHE WAS THE WINNER!!

She had the most eggs of all the kids. Good movin girl!

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