Thursday, May 29, 2008

I love this window

This was a window by the door in one of the pioneer houses (the same one they made the biscuits in) I would love to have a window sill that big!!!!!! It's so "farm house" looking!!

Making Buttermilk Biscuits

This was really neat for the boys.
They got to help smush the dough and cut out biscuits. Then the lady makes them on the wood cook stove! There was lots of homemade cooking on the wood cook stoves!!

Traveling Trailer

This is a random photo I took of what is called a traveling trailer home.
Workers that worked in the oil fields and coal mines had access to these trailers. It was basically a kitchen and bathroom.

Caleb referred to this as an "Old time camper" lol..

Grinding Corn

This is Caleb grinding corn with a long wooden pole! They had lots of corn grinding stations for hands on for the kids, and many were the same concepts but using different items.

Caleb sitting in a teepee

The indian section of Sauder Village was really neat. In this photo Caleb is inside the teepee.

Sauder Village-Ohio

I went on a field trip with Caleb today to Sauder Village in Ohio.
I was totally dreading it!!! But it was to my surprise a very neat trip!!

It was a village that was all about pioneers and indians, very very neat stuff.
The workers all dressed the parts and everything was so authentic!!

If you ever get a chance to I'd recommend you go!! Fun and neat for all ages!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taking Advantage of this Spring Weather!

We have been taking advantage of the nice weather big time!!
I took my 3 year old nephew (Braydon) for a wagon ride all over the farm today...boy oh boy wore me a good chuckle tho when the pigs barked and scared the crap outta him lol..

After school Caleb rode with his dad out in the fields to spread fertilizer, otherwise known as pig poop lol..

So Carter and I rode in the polaris ranger all around the farm. Carter had to check the fields and the pigs lol..and then "I" had to tour around to see what kind of junk Dan has laying around that I want to use to decorate the yard lol..I found chicken wire today..will make a cool arch somewhere for Morning Glories!!

Then we picked some flowers, we got lilacs (that should still be on the tree, not done blooming lol..ole' well) and apple blossoms, and some yellow weedy thing.

Then when Dan and Caleb got done in the fields we all went on a ranger ride for a couple hours scoping out deer (and me plants) lol..we stayed out way too long-past bed

Living on a dirt road and all connecting roads being dirt, we were all so dusty. Felt like we ate sand!!
When I put Carter in the shower I could just see the dirt roll off him lol...

And I have to felt so good when I washed my hair lol..

It's days like today that really make you appriciate what you have. I hope at some point this spring, you are able to take the time with your own family and enjoy some good ole' "doing much of nothing" and enjoy it!!
(see photos below)