Friday, April 17, 2009

One tooth down....Several to go.....

Well Carter has finally lost his first tooth!
Seems he's behind on losing them and just couldn't
stand that all his friends and couisns were losing all theirs!
His two bottom teeth were loose and one finally wiggled it's
way out when he was at school.
His teacher, who is just the neatest,
Sealed it up in a tiny envelope and sent it home.
The visit of the tooth fairy brought a buck!!
That seemed to make lil' snaggle tooth happy :)
Since then he has lost the other tooth too!!
So two down........
So how did you answer the question-
"Mom, what does the tooth fairy do with our teeth?"
For us, the tooth fairy has always taken the teeth and put them in the sky and made them into stars! How else do we get all those sparkly stars in the sky?? AND the next night when you look outside the first twinkling star is your tooth!!!
It's always worked!!!
Well except once when Caleb found the tooth that the tooth fairy had already paid him for...Of course in cases like that tho, the tooth fairy sells them back to the parents so they can be put in scrapbooks :)

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