Monday, April 28, 2008

Being a Farmers Wife......

I remember being a young girl and imagining my life as an adult.
In my day dreams I was married to a farmer,a man, comparable to Almonzo Wilder from Little House on the prairie...
A hard working man, he was a great husband and father.
We lived in a white farm house with the "country porch", you know the kind ,you picture people sitting outside in rocking chairs sipping lemonade or evening sun tea had the whole white picket fence, flowers growing all over the yard in beautiful landscapes...
Oh and I was the perfect farmers garden was beautiful!! I had red ripe delicious tomatoes and every vegetable imaginable. I carried them to my big porch in my apron where I sat and snipped beans..
My job was to bake bread, and cook good big elaborate know the "meat and potato" kind.......I would feed the chickens...and pat the kittens in the barn........the kids would be running about doing their chores and catching fireflys....aahhh....what a perfect life I had in my day dreams as a young child............
........Fast Forward....this same young girl is now THIRTY YEARS OLD......'s true..I did become a farmers wife!!!
No my husband is not Almonzo Wilder, in fact he could more be compared to Dan Conner from the tv sitcom "Rosanne"
He is a great husband and father as well as a hard worker...he is gruff and does not open my car door (Almonzo would have totally helped Laura into the covered wagon lol)...He is a gentleman when he wants to be....he is everything I'd hoped for...
Do I live in a farm house? Yes indeed I do.........
Do I have a white picket fence? not so much....I do however have a windmill in my side's a bit rickety...missing a fan blade...when it really gets to spinning it lets out this ear piercing screech all day long.....I can hear it...sounds just like the tin man.."Oil...I need oil.."....
Do I have a tea and lemonade country porch..nope don't have that either, but I do have a beautiful scene off my back yard...a big cornfield and at the outskirts of it are rows and rows of trees, some days they almost look like mountains out there, I love sitting outside in the early morning drinking my coffee and watching the deer stretch their long necks like a giraffe to eat from the trees....(I haven't given up on that porch tho!!)
As for that beautifully manicured yard...don't have that either! My flowers are all in "certain areas" of the yard..otherwise known as dog free zones...and where Dan (my husband-no really not talking about Dan Conner that really is my husbands name lol) doesn't have to mow around "stuff" (what a silly pet peeve-I'm sure you ladies would agree!)
And my garden that's so funny. I've learned that in my daydreams I forgot that I was a LAZY person lol..I don't like pulling weeds..I don't like bugs..I don't like slimy slugs that hang out on the plants and I don't like snipping my garden is what I call a "Scattered Garden".
A tomato plant over by the barn....a few bean plants up by the get the point...
And guess what! Sometimes when there are alot of cherry tomatoes that need picked I DO gather them in my apron!!
Baking bread...yea I do that too...but not very often..why bake it when you can buy it from the store with the work already done for you...(remember me saying above I'm lazy ha ha)
Meat and Potato dinners...well I'm happy to report that my family loves hamburger helper :)
Although one of my prized possessions is my very old, falling apart at the seams Betty Crocker cookbook that my stepmom picked up for me at a yardsale, not sure how old it is..but at the LEAST it's from the 1950's!
As for those chickens...well truth be told...I'm scared of those suckers!! we have no chickens nor do we have fresh eggs..
Nope no kittens either, Dan's lassie dog will eat them! ...
My kids never do their chores, they fight all the time..they make me proud...maybe a little girl day dreaming about being a farmers wife wasn't so far off when she imagined the perfect life.....because she grew into a woman and found it!!

Where the deer feed

That little grassy like knoll with the tree in the middle is where the deer like to feast off the trees.
When everything is so green, the deer in their brown coats really stand out!

A mountain of trees

This is what I am talking about when I said the trees appear to be like mountains. And it also makes for a beautiful sunset!

The Rickety Old Windmill

Now if Dorothy and the Scarecrow would just follow my "Brown Dirt Road" maybe I could talk one of them into climbing up there and giving the poor windmill some oil!