Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kalamazoo KWINGS

One of the field trips we took with the Cub Scouts
was to go to the KWINGS Hockey game in Kalamazoo!
None of us had been there before so we were looking forward to it.
(Can you beleive Caleb opted to NOT go!!!!!)
The "sticks" Carter is holding are like inflatable balloons, but when you bang
them together they make like an echo noise. Pretty neat!

Oh Darn! I can't remember this birds name! If Carter were here
I'm sure he'd remember. But all the kids thought he was the cooliest!

Carter thought that "thingie" that smooths out the ice was pretty neat.
And Dan says he'd love to take that for a stroll LOL

I thought these were neat photos.
Carter is standing right up to the ice rink, checking it out up
close and personal. He said "it was alot bigger up close"!
Ahh..and the fighting was the highlight of the night..

And you can't leave a sports even without
a foam finger right???!!!

More fighting..........
Corey and Carter
We had a great time, we really wished Caleb would have came we know
he would have loved it. But we'd like to take the kids again sometime.
It's a cheap night out :)

Christmas at Grammy and Poppy's