Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This has been the week from hell!
First we had the crazy ice storm..will share photos of that
possiably tomorrow..but that's a big maybe because I'll be busy cleaning up THIS!!
Thing 2 said he was hungry so I decided I
was going to make him I get the pan of oil out
turn it on medium, go get the shrimp and realize it had already been eaten...
So.......I go to the stove shut the oil off...and walk away..
I hear noise in the kitchen but figure it's Thing 2 scurrying around STILL
looking for something to eat because he didn't want anything else that I had offered him..
I go out into the kitchen and have a FULL BLOWN fire going!
APPARENTLY I didn't get the knob completely over, therefor the burner was actually turned on to
blazing hot burn your house down high!!
I can tell you I have never been so scared or freaked out I don't think in my life. I possiably even pee'd a little!
I grabbed the fire extingusher and used was helping but the fire was still spreading and I had emptied the entire can!!
Crap!! of baking soda-Thank GOD I got the bright idea to make my own laundry soap! I had a HUGE box of it!
That got the fire out fast...except the cupboard was still smoldering and I couldn't get it to stop. Mr. Handsome rushed in with a crow bar and ripped it off the wall..

In all the chaos I managed to get Thing 2 out of the house (Thing1 was at work with Mr. Handsome) I rescued the dog and FROGS and threw the cat down in the basement because I knew the dogs would eat him alive (Hey don't judge me! The fire was out there was just black smoke all over!)
I kid you not when I say it looked like night time in my house!

Only a few things got wrecked, but I am really sad to say good bye to my beloved Ronco Knives..I love them so so much! (A few can be salvaged)

Is it possiable to get new handles put on? Anyone??..
Nicely lovely scorchy burn up the side of the cabinet....ugh..sigh..
How absoultly disgusting this looks! The stuff all over the stove is from ripping the cabinet down..

Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Mr. Handsome were very helpful in working on the clean up this evening.
Mr. Handsome worked until he couldn't stand anymore cleaning all the walls we had JUST painted.
Still lots of cleaning in our forecast but my sister is coming in the morning to help me, and a special thank you to my parents who kept the boys warm (because every door and window was open and the heat was off) and for going and getting cleaning supplies.
Also thank you to everyone who called and sent messages letting us know you were there if we needed you and that your help was availiable.

We are very lucky this did not get even more out of hand...God certainly was walking beside me today!

What's on Shawna's Phone Tuesday..???

While traveling thru town I notice something BRIGHT blue hanging from this BRIGHT red we got a little closer I realized the truck had "BLUE BALLS" ...Now you know that's OF COURSE I had to take a picture of THAT!
Who doesn't love taking WACKY pictures? I know you ALL totally BELEIVE that
my SISTER really is swimming right??...The PEOPLE in the background are just TANK DECORATIONS!!-honest!

Sunday Feb 20th, Mr. Handsome and I renewed our WEDDING VOWS.
This is the ROSE he gave ME...Plus I thought this was a
pretty AWESOME photo I took lol..
Renewing our vows was pretty AWESOME!

Also on that SUNDAY Thing 2 had his CUBSCOUTS banquet.
Which was really just a FREE FOR ALL-for EVERY little BOY
that could get away with Climbing anything possiable, or to get away with RUNNING all
over the room..but hey they all seemed to ENJOY themselves..I did NOTICE a few PARENTS
looking around for ink pens to JAB their EARDRUMS out from all the chaos :)

And OF COURSE Thing 2 has to give you a NON-NORMAL photo-because WELL that's just WHAT HE DOES! -Everything he learns comes from Thing 1. MONKEY SEE...Monkey DO!
Well that is what's on my phone this week..Stay tuned to see what kooky photos I have next week!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flash Back Friday

Friday Photo Flashback

I decided to join in on the "Flash Back Friday" blog hop. Thought it sounded fun and it was also fun looking thru all these old photos!!
Here are a few I chose to share. Some of you may have seen them before and some of you maybe not...

Most of you probably will remember KiKi the little girl I babysat and Caleb's best friend.
Those two did nothing but laugh the whole time and any time they were together!!
I love this picture because you can see how genuinely happy Caleb is in the moment.

Look how chubby Carter was as a toddler!!

 Shane (Samantha's son) and Caleb frog hunting. Why oh why did we shave that boys head!!

So that's it for Flash Back Friday. Hope you've enjoyed taking a glance at our photos of the past. I just may participate in this again!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whats on your phone tuesdays??...(Cept' I'm late and posting Thursday...whooops..)

Well here is what's on my phone...Yes, you are seeing's a photo of MY baby

As most of you know, I've had the blonde doll for awhile now. I like to dress her up in different holiday/season clothes. My neices love playing with her especially Allie. The other baby came from a yardsale this past year. I LOVE dolls and could spend big bucks on them...too bad I don't have big bucks :) I got the lil' thumb sucker for a buck. She is adorable but her eyes are creepy-don'tcha think??
Anyways for a buck I just couldn't resist. The good thing about this doll tho, is when "she's" put in pink she makes a cute little girl...but thankfully the dolls previous owner hacked it's hair super short (thank you little girl who isn't suppose to be playing with the scissors!) so this doll when dressed in blue becomes a very cute little boy too!! Wait? Does that make me officially the owner of a cross dressing baby doll??
The reason I have this photo on my phone is because I dressed them in their Valentine clothes and was talking to my sister Shannon while I was doing it so I sent her a photo..and that ladies and gentlemen is why I am such a big dork :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The night before Valentine's Day, I snuck out to Dan's work truck
and taped hearts all over the inside of his truck!

Finding them at 4:30 am was a bit of a shocker for him.
He thanked me kindly for all the tape he had to peel off spots :)


Michigan has certainly got hit with their fair amount of snow this winter!!
The piles of snow that were made by the men that plowed out
our drives quickly became "king of the mountain"
and zooming sledding "hills"...

 I had to snap a photo of our window. If only I had
Christmas lights and a cat sitting in the window it could become
next years Christmas card lol..

The snow along the side of the road after the snow plow

I beleive this is the biggest amount of snow that the boys have ever seen.
Not only was it deep it was heavy. Before we went to bed the night it was snowing,
I tried to open the front door and it was darn neared snow'd shut because it was hard to push the snow back with the door.
As I look outside today, the sun is shining and all that snow is working on melting, I am very much so looking forward to spring!! But be prepared fellow's going to be one muddy muddy mess!!

Happy Valentine's Day

When it comes to holidays, no matter what holiday it is I tend to get..what is it Dan says...looney..
I always like to do fun things for the boys and Dan on the "little holidays"

I made spaghetti and meatballs. I got a bottle of sparkling apple cider and and pulled out the champagne glasses for an added special touch. The boys loved drinking out of them.

After dinner I pulled out a tray of chocolate fondue!! My sister bought this for us last year for Christmas and this was the first time we used it. We all had alot of fun with it!!
While I was cutting up the food and melting the chocolate I swear to you no joking aside Carter was stalking the fondue tray the whole time!!


I got them all a tiny little gift and we just enjoyed the evening having fun at the table. I hope memories were made and hope your Valentine's Day was just as special.
I love my family so much!!