Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Michigan has certainly got hit with their fair amount of snow this winter!!
The piles of snow that were made by the men that plowed out
our drives quickly became "king of the mountain"
and zooming sledding "hills"...

 I had to snap a photo of our window. If only I had
Christmas lights and a cat sitting in the window it could become
next years Christmas card lol..

The snow along the side of the road after the snow plow

I beleive this is the biggest amount of snow that the boys have ever seen.
Not only was it deep it was heavy. Before we went to bed the night it was snowing,
I tried to open the front door and it was darn neared snow'd shut because it was hard to push the snow back with the door.
As I look outside today, the sun is shining and all that snow is working on melting, I am very much so looking forward to spring!! But be prepared fellow's going to be one muddy muddy mess!!

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Teresa said...

Well I don't live there so you all can have the snow and the mud. LOL See how much I care about you guys there?