Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Break!!!

So far the kids are having a pretty fun summer!!
We went swimming in the lake...ONCE only to get "chiggers".
Caleb had an over night party at a friends and got to go tubing.
He had a blast!!!!!
I wished I was there to take photos!!
Today Carter is with his cousin seeing the new Transformers movie
and Caleb is at his Aunt Stephanie's and she sent me the photos below.
Looks like he's having a great time!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know it's summer when the kids beg all week to have a waterballoon
For me personally, water balloon fights are rather a pain in the butt..No pun intended..
ha ha..ok maybe it was....
But I the only mom that thinks "Gee I have nothing better to do then stand here and fill up 100 water balloons.."...
I tell ya..Here you are..standing at the sink,
praying to God that each and every balloon you blow up doesn't explode in your hands..You know it won't hurt, but the element of surpise will scare the hell outta ya every single time!!!
Ahh..and how about the pain in the finger you get from tying everyone of those son of a guns!!
Not to mention while you're doing all this the kids are circling you like sharks asking "Are you almost done??" and you're only on the 6th balloon!!!
All that work, and in less then 10 minutes the fight is over and latex is all oAdd Imagever the yard..
What we won't do for our kids!...

Baseball has come to end for Summer 2009

When baseball first started, *I* wasn't so sure how *I* would like
watching it...Turns out, one game and I was hooked!
I loved watching Caleb pitch.
He got down on himself several times for various reasons but
aside from that HE grew to LOVE the game!!
Shhh....He even said he liked it better than football!!
Carter was funny to watch play T-ball.
After going to practice with Caleb and seeing and playing with the
"big boys" he went into tball thinking "I know this game"
Tball was sorta out of Carter's league but because of his age there
was nothing else he could play.
He prefered to have his coach pitch to him rather then have him
hit the ball off the T.
Even tho Carter thought he "knew it all" I think there were a couple things he learned
and took from Tball.
I also think that the boys looked so handsome in their uniforms :)

Carter with his T Ball trophy

Checking this thing out!!!..

Caleb receving his awards

Coach Dad and Caleb

Caleb with his trophy