Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Spent St. Patty's Day...Celebrating Like A Rock Star!

For St. Patty's Day this year, a friend of ours won
a radio contest called "Party Like a Rock Star".
He got to pick 8 people including himself to
get picked up by a limo, get taken to
dinner at Houlihans Restraunt, at which they gave him a
$200 gift certificate to eat off of, and also got to go to a
concert put on by GREAT WHITE!!
I think this is the best St. Patty's Day Dan and I have ever had together!!!
We had ALOT of fun!!
And the food was FANTASTIC!!!
AND.....What isn't good about getting a free ride in a Hummer Limo!!!
Kim Lyle and Bobby inside the limo.
You can see Lyle checking out the ride!

Down the hatch!! $6 Bucks a SHOT!!!!!!
Holy Mackeral.
Glad Bobby got that gift card lol!!
This was the opening band for Great White.
Can't remember this name, but they are darn good!!


This was after the concert in the limo on the way home.
Bobby, Dan, Charlette and Nate
We ALL had a great time but most of us were pretty pooped!!

One last photo of the "ride". Time to say good bye...our night of being a rock star has ended..
It was a GREAT evening!!!

We have a new NEPHEW!!

Cole Allen
March 9th
Weighing in at 6lbs 7oz's (I beleive)
Proud Grandpa!

Proud Auntie!
He is Dan and I's 7th Nephew!!
Look at the little baby feet prints!
You sure forget how tiny people are when they first come into this world when your own kids start growing!!

Future Babysitter.
Caleb getting a new cousin is always exciting for him!

Proud Uncle Dan!

Little baby Cole

Proud Papa!
And would you beleive I got NO photos with Mommy and baby!!
Everyone else was holding Cole and I didn't even think about it until I got home! Waah!
The Big Sister!
Miss Allie. She couldn't wait to see her new baby brother!