Friday, April 17, 2009

A walk to the pond...

Since we've had a couple nice days,
We've been trying to take family walks and
look at new things that Spring has in store for us around the farm.
In the back field we have a pond, also known as the dogs swimming hole, aka
frogs and toads galore!!
We found this year it's gotton much bigger then it was last year.
As we were walking I picked up a dried plant. I'm not positive what they are called.
Maybe milkweed?? They are dry and brittle and when you break them open it has like a white foam in them?? Well anyways, the boys thought that was pretty cool and Carter carried a stick with us the whole time, breaking it open, pulling the foam out and squishing it. What a cheap toy :)

We seen ALOT of deer tracks, but no deer this time around.

The frogs music was unbeleiviably loud!!!
By the sounds of things you would have thought there were millions of frogs
surrounding us......however...we had a hard time spotting them!!
Everyone looked and watched closely for movement...
After LOTS of searching for frogs in that murky weedy water,
who should be the first person to spy one??!! DAN!!!!
How he saw that thing is beyond me because I was STILL looking
even after he was moving the stick around lol!!
The boys patiently scanned the murky pond in hopes
of finding at least one frog or toad!
waiting...searching..looking for movement..
Caleb sees one, and reaches through the fence to grab him up
out of the water. Did he catch him??
Carter had to check this finding out too of
course!!! "Can we keep him?" was now the question at hand...
We explained that he still had lots of growing to do and must be
put back.
I was just thankful nobody threw it on me!!! (I hate frogs and toads!)
All in all we had a great walk!!
We didn't get back in time to start our before bed routines (it was a school night) and everyone was super late getting to bed because showers and the such had to be done....but ole don't happen every day and we all had a fun time together!!
It was nice getting the kids outside, all of us letting the electronics take a rest and just enjoying the company of each other.
We know the boys are growing quickly so walks like this will soon be few and far...I hope you find some time this Spring to take in all of God's creation as new life emerges!
Thanks for reading!

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