Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parents Night at Kids Club

Since October Caleb and Carter have been going to Kids Club
at our little community church.
That have had a blast (most of the time)
Caleb would give me a hard time about going but every time when we picked them up Caleb always talked about the fun they had!
I was especially proud of Caleb for putting forth the effort to memorize his weekly verses.
He brought home lots of little prizes throughout the Kids Club.
He even got a neat award from his teacher. (I'll scan and add later)
The kids all put on programs for the parents.
Caleb was not too excited being up on stage in front of all those people.

Of course, Carter being front in center on stage, did not mind!
He really enjoyed having Mrs. Heather as his teacher.
Her last name being Carter was pretty ironic and Carter thought that was great.
He says "Mrs Heather is beautiful"
Which to anyone else that would be "aww that's cute" but to me it's heart warming.
His teacher you see has Lupus.
See photo here from VBS
Sometimes she wears a shaw on her head and sometimes she wears a wig.
The first time she wore a wig it kinda threw Carter off.
He came home that night and said "Mom Mrs. Heather had on a wig today"
I said "Did it look weird to you Carter?"
He said "No, I think she looks beautiful with hair or without".
I litterally teared up!!
I thought THAT was BEAUTIFUL that my 6 year old said that!!!!!!

Both the boys walked away with a great learning experience!!

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Teresa said...

It sounds like they both had fun in there own ways. I hope you can get Caleb to go again next year.