Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kids Club Skating Party

When the Kids Club came to an end, they had one
last "hoorah" by throwing the kids a skating party.
Every kid that attended Kids Club 6 or more times earned
a free night of skating! Yay!!!
It was rather comical to watch these boys of ours lol..
Carter was so funny!
He was like a baby deer on ice!
Much like the scene where Bambi ran out onto the ice lol..
Carter's arms and legs were just a spinnin' trying to make
himself move as well as stay up lol..
He inched his way fast and best as he could over to the wall

Then once he got there he had an expression that could have been read as
"Get me the hell off this floor!!"

So we thought ok, we'll put locks on his skates where only the front wheels work.
Well that didn't last long either!!
I think having all those skaters around him and zooming by on the floor made him more nervous then anything!
So Carter's skating lasted oh ...I'd say a grand total of MAYBE 15 minutes.
(Good thing he earned this free skate night lol)

So needless to say he spent the remainder of his time munching and
playing air hocky with Dan.

Caleb on the other hand, skated his heart out!!
He was pretty comical to watch too!
He put his WHOLE body into skating lol..
BUT he only fell ONCE! He was pretty proud of himself!!
The funny part was when the Pastor got out on the floor, wow did he show EVERYONE up!!
He was fantastic!!!

Needless to say, Caleb wore himself out!!
When the party was over he was ready to go to Dairy Queen (He spends too much time with his Grandma Lou) and then off to home!
They slept like babies!!
I was really happy that we were all able to do this as a family, and the fact that they EARNED this all on their own was awesome!!
Like it or not, they will be attending Kids Club again when it starts back up.
(I have a suspision this will be a battle but in the end they'll have fun)

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Teresa said...

I would of been tired to, it has been years since I skated. I remember buying my first set of pom-poms, I was so happy.
Looks like a great family night.