Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs at Grammy and Poppy's

Every year on Good Friday we all get together at Gramy and Poppy's
to color Easter eggs.
The kids love it!!
It gets to be rather messy but it's all worth it.
This year around 5 dozen were colored.
After the eggs all dried we hid them and had an Easter egg hunt.
I do beleive that a plastic egg hunt is a much better way to go.
There were SO many broken eggs once the hunt was over!!!
Cyrah and Taylor coloring their eggs

Taylor is such a Tom GIRL! She never uses any egg utinsils.
She dips and pulls the eggs out with her fingers!
Gotta love her!!
Blake making a camoflauge egg
Look!! All hands!!
Hence the no utensils lol..

Cyrah and Taylor
When it came to finding those eggs Blake was on a mission!!!

Carter was even lucky enough to find some eggs lol

I Spy.......a gray and blue camoflauged egg!

Taylor showing off all the eggs she found


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