Saturday, April 18, 2009

What? Noodles can be made a HOME ???????????

The great thing about kids is you are constantly reminded of "your days gone by".
The boys are always doing things that trigger my memory! They always remind me of how far our world has come and how quickly things change.
The other day I decided I was going to make beef and home made noodles for dinner.
Well Carter being the kitchen cook that he is, I thought I'd wait for him to come home from school to see if he might like to help.
When I asked him if he would like to help me make the noodles his response was "What? Noodles can be made at home?" I laughed and said "What do you mean?" he replied "I thought they could only come from the store" lol...It's funny how it reminded me that making noodles use to be one of my "chores" when it was my turn to cook dinner. How my mom rarely BOUGHT noodles!
And yet, store bought has become a regular staple in our home without me even realizing just how much!
So with a little flour and eggs, and a couple more eggs, due to dropped...cracked on the counter...etc...we were now ready to get our hands dirty.....
"What?? Put my hands in THAT?"
I told him "Yep! That's all a part of making noodles", while secretly thinking this was the part I always hated too lol!!

At first he did not like the feel of it...but I encouraged him to keep mixing and squishing
After a few minutes he claimed his hands were too tired, but assured me that they were just a little tired, he could still roll the dough lol.

So mix, rolled, cut and dried, we got the beef to a good boil and put them in....and I'm pleased to say they turned out, dinner was a success and Carter ate a second helping that night!!

Today I asked Dan to put a clothes line up. LOL..I laugh at what my kids will say about that! "WHAT? YOU CAN DRY CLOTHES OUTSIDE"

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