Friday, April 17, 2009

Carter's First DILLY BAR!!!

We stopped off at Dairy Queen (Again!) and Carter was asking
"What's that thing in the freezer"
Well when we told him a "Dilly Bar" he thought the name of it was
pretty darn funny (I had to agree)
So of course it had a funny name, it had chocolate and VANILLA ICE CREAM (his favorite) and a STICK!!! An ice cream sucker he called it...How could one NOT give this fantastic discovery a try!!!

As with anything else that child eats, it was a mess, but I do beleive fully enjoyed!!
Funny how you don't think of things until it is presented to you and then it's a "ah ha" moment...I had forgotton all about Dilly Bars and how I first had them with my Grandma until Carter asked about them!!
Memory triggers are what I like to call things like this!

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