Friday, May 1, 2009

The girl who couldn't find a mushroom!!

Ok so today I was on a mission!
I was going to find me some dang mushrooms darn it!
Everyone I talk to has been finding them like crazy so why shouldn't I??
So me the girl who has never mushroom hunted because she is scared of Mother Nature aka stepping on a snake
ventured out to the fence row searching and looking and going cross eyed
in the hopes of finding at least ONE of these gems.
Ok well...I didn't have much luck...or maybe it was because I was seeing double...but I finally gave up finding NOTHING!!
So when the boys got off the bus I asked them if they wanted to go look.
I even had one extra hunter. Caleb's friend Dylan came home with him from school. HOWEVER he didn't even know what he was looking for. He never seen them or tasted them before
They told me they did want to look for mushrooms and off we went out into the woods this time. Didn't find anything again.
(Just where the hell are you people finding these?????)
So finally we decide to give up and go home.
About an hour later we were getting around to go to Burger King and the 3 boys went outside to toss a baseball.
All of a sudden Dylan comes rushing in and says....
"Is this what we've been hunting for"
Of course I get excited and Dan and I run out side to the area that the mushroom was found.
Then we all got to looking.
Dan found some.........
Caleb found some....the biggest one in fact.

Carter found some.....the most actually!!
Shawna....well...screw hunting! I found none!!!!! DARN IT!!
They ended up finding a total of 16 good size Mushrooms
right in my own damn back yard!
Geesh I tell ya!!

This is one of them compared to a D battery

So after calling my mother in law (Thanks Lou Anne!)
and finding out just what the heck I was suppose to do with these gems,
she told me soak them in salt water, pat dry and roll in flower and fry in butter...
Ok..well I'll give it a try..I hope I don't wreck them they were hard to come by lol...

Here is the end result. (I didn't cook them all)
They were SO good!!!!!!!!!! And I don't think I screwed them up!
Yea! Me!

Carter had never had them before.
He loved them!
Dylan never had them and assured me that he didn't like mushrooms
I said "Come ON DYLAN!! after a hunt like that you're not even going to give them a small taste." (I can convince this boy to try ANY FOOD!!!)
So he too gave them a taste and ended up loving them!!!

So that's our day in adventure of mushroom-ing. They are still out there and I'm going to keep my eyes open. Maybe just MAYBE I'll find ONE this season. One is fine. I will be happy with ONE :)

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Teresa said...

LOL only you would be the one that couldn't find any.