Friday, March 18, 2011

Product Reveiw-Glade Sparkle of Spring Candle

 As part of being a Bzz Agent, I got the opportunity to
sample the new Glade spring line.
I was sent this candle "Sparkle of Spring".
I first used it as my table setting for St. Patty's Day dinner because
it was GREEN!!
At first I didn't notice much of a scent from it.
After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and realized, I may not have
much noticed the scent because the aroma of the food I had cooked may have still been in the air.
So I moved the candle into the living room and  IT DID IT'S JOB!!
My living room is by no means a small room and Im telling you the candle filled the room with scent!
It was a very fresh and clean scent. Very pleasant!
I will be buying this line of candles again!
It is long lasting as far as the burn time. I've had it burning for 5 hours now and it's
not even close to half burned!
There is another candle in this line called "Bring on the blossoms". Im anxious to give that one a try!
So stay tuned for an update on what I think of that candle!

2 thumbs up, I would buy this product!
Other items in their spring line include
Premium Room Sprays
Scented Oil Candle refills
Plug Ins Scented oils
and the 4oz jar Candles I mentioned above

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