Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 day challenge-Day 20: A picture of somewhere you want to travel to.

There are two places I dream of going!
To some people it may not seem that dreamy..but to me
it's on my bucket list without a doubt!

I would love to travel to Maine!
I don't know what it is that has attracted me to the seaside of Maine but I beleive it
started with the movie "Sarah Plain and Tall"......
Another place I would love to go to is
Rockafeller Center to watch the ice skaters.
Another thing Im not sure so much as to "WHY"...
It just has a nostalgic sense to me..every year when I set
my ice skating pond up for my villiage I always think of Rockafeller!
I don't know as "I" would actually skate (perhaps just to say I did!) but I think
it would be lovely to just sit and watch the other skaters for a little bit. (And by little bit..I mean
not very long lol..I hate

As for Mr. Handsome, he has said he would love to go somewhere tropical or extravagant, some place
that you absoultly have to fly to get out of this country..or Hawaii..

Thing One and Thing Two..well they will just settle for taking them to Dave and Busters in Chicago lol..

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