Thursday, March 17, 2011

31 Day Challenge...Day 17: A picture of someone who has made a huge impact on your life

I'd have to say that my kids are who have made the biggest impact in my life.

Before kids my life was nothing but day in and day out partying...It took a little while for us to adjust and grow up but eventually kids have a way of changing you..I like to think for the better :)
Some days are hard, with them fighting and bickering all the time, and some days are nothing but joy.
The trials you go thru as a parent are sometimes for the good and sometimes for the makes my day when they share their day and their life stories with me. When they come to me and tell me things that they are going thru in life and share with me things that I never shared with my parents it makes me feel like I am doing my job.
I love my boys so much and would never trade them for the world!

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