Monday, August 18, 2008


Carter getting ready to show the pigs

This is when Carter realized the pigs were NOT coming home with us!

Caleb watering down and cooling off his pigs

Caleb got 6th in his class! Yea Caleb!!

Carter's blue ribbon. He is proud of that ribbon. He doesn't understand that all the kids in pee wee get a blue ribbon, but that's ok, I beleive he earned that ribbon since he was still a little scared of the pigs but went ahead and showed them anyways!

Grandpa to the rescue. To help cheer Carter up about the pigs not coming home, Grandpa bought Carter and Ice Cream cone, unfortunately he wasn't there for Caleb's melt down!!

Carter sitting in a tractor tire

The boys had a blast at the Cass County Fair.
Caleb had pigs of his own there, for the first time ever. He even got 6th place in his class! We were so proud of him, but I think he was even more proud of himself!!
And Carter got to show the pigs in the pee wee division.

The boys were so cute with their show tags on their back. Carter's was as big as he was lol..

As usual it was hot and expensive!
And poor Dan, he ended up with blisters on his feet from being up there all week in boots! I felt SO bad for him! He was truely miserable! But he's a good dad, and did his daddy duty.

Carter did not realize the pigs weren't coming back home with us. That was a disaster!
Then come the last day of the fair, Caleb decided he was more attached to is animals then he thought and he had a melt down and couldn't leave his pigs. Dan and I felt so bad for him!!
But we figure once the fair check rolls in he'll soon forget about how sad he is!

I've attached some of the photos of the fair.
Thanks for taking the time to come read up on us

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Teresa said...

I'm glad the boys had a nice time, I feel bad him having to give up his piggies. I agree once he gets the check he will feel better.