Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vacation Bible School

"Vacation Bible School-For a whole week!!!! Awww Mom I don't want to go!!!"
That was all I heard for the few days leading up to VBS!!
I sat in with them on Monday, the very first day, because I thought with Caleb being shy that'd help him feel a little better about it. But when we got there he told me "to feel free to leave!!!'s that for love :)
Everyday from then on out, as soon as the boys hopped in the car they both talked a mile a minute at the SAME TIME!!!
They had such a blast this week ! Caleb even asked me to find another church doing a VBS!!
I'm so happy I stuck to my guns and MADE them go!!
The pictures above are a few random shots taken throughout the week. The Ladies in the photos with each of the boys are their "Crew Leaders", and the food photo is one of their snacks that Caleb thought I should include lol..
Thanks for stopping by and reading! Look forward to lots more with it being SUMMER!!! :)

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Teresa said...

I'm so glad the boys had a nice week. Now you know what to plan for them next year.