Monday, October 6, 2008


What a scary and emotional night we had.
Everyone was in bed, it was about nine o'clock and I was up checking my email.

I kept hearing our outside dog (Goldie-the one that had puppies) barking. That is NOT unsual for her to bark and bark. She constantly is barking at the pigs when they make noise.

But tonite it was a different bark!!! She wasn't only barking she was yelping and circling the house and growling at the door.

I jumped up and RAN into the bed room screaming at Dan to GET UP! SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!!

He quickly got dressed, grabbed his gun and as soon as we opened the door Goldie RAN in. She is an OUTSIDE dog and NEVER comes in the house. Never even tries! We knew then something was wrong!!

Dan stepped out on our cement patio and there right on the cement patio was a COYOTE!!!

As soon as it seen Dan it ran and Goldie chased after it.

Because Coyotes often travel in packs we weren't sure how many there here Dan and I stand in the yard back to back...he's holding his hand gun straight out and I'm holding the flashlight straight out and we are turning in circles to see what we are dealing with. (pictures Charlie's Angels here lol)

Luckily we didn't see anymore...but we knew we had to go to the front of the yard where the puppies are right next to the cornfield (where the coyotes linger)
So we jumped in the truck, drove over to where Goldie moved her puppies and put the headlights on high beam. We quickly loaded the puppies in the truck as fast as we could...Dan loaded them and I kept watch. (Scary!!!)
1 puppy...2 puppy..3..4...5...6...........6.......there should be 10! They got them! 4 were missing!!!

We couldn't find them anywhere. Once we got them in the truck it was as if Goldie knew they were safe. She took off running in the cornfield for a couple minutes and then she came FLYING out of the cornfield.....ahhh releif! She found one of the pups!! She brought it to us and laid it at our feet.....Dan picked it up but it was dead!!!!

He laid it in the back of the truck and Goldie went out to the field in search of the rest of her babies....she could not find anymore of them.

But she was circling Dan's truck. She knew something was not ok with her baby!
When we got back up to the house Dan got the puppy out and laid it on the ground. Goldie sniffed it and licked it and rubbed her face on it and then looked up at Dan and whimpered.

Dan and I both were heartbroken!! I of course was bawling! I felt so bad for her!

Now we have the rest of the pups and Goldie in the garage.

Those damn coyotes. It makes me so mad!!!

I've included some photos of the puppies they've really grown and are such cute little things!!!


list mama said...

That is just about the saddest story I've heard in a long time. Good job rescuing the rest of those puppies. Poor little things!


Teresa said...

Poor puppies and mama. I hope the rest of the puppies a safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

just me well sorry about your loss that was SAD....
but dan needs to get his little and I mean little self out there and spend the night in a very small or not at all tent, then you guys could sleep more sound.
what do you thing dan.