Monday, August 10, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream YUM!!!

Caleb had went to his Grandma's and Dan went to bed
early so it was just Carter and me.
I got the typical, "mom I'm bored"..
So what's a mom to do?? Turn to google for bordom recipes of course!
I looked up the recipe for ziploc ice cream and as luck would have it we had all the ingredients!!

Here is the website and recipe we used

Squishing the mixture around in the ice. (I wrapped a towel around the bag of ice so it wasn't so cold to handle

Time for a taste test...

Yep!! It's good!!

So good infact he had to wake his dad up and insist on Dad trying his first time every making ice cream at home!!! lol..
(In all honesty it was good!!!)

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