Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shannon and Scott Got Hitched!!

Ahhh...At last the wedding day has finally come!!
What a sigh of relief to see it come and go!!
There were so many mishaps and last minute stressers!!
But all in all it was a beautiful wedding!!

This is what the hall looked like

Angell and Sam making the salads

The stress is starting...the Bride to Be has got a headache!!


Randy and Sam

The Family
Shannon with the guys

Emma and Shannon

They're so cute!

Mr and Mrs Wineberg

Braydon and Shannon, He loves his Momma!

I love this photo!

He'll always be Shanny's little man
Too cool !! Riding off on the motorcycle!!

Shannon with her second mom, Aunt Mary

Shanny getting her dance with her big brother (Dan)

Shannon with her other big brother (Bobby)

Carter with his Aunt Shanny

Bobby playing the air guitar (or wrapping paper guitar rather???) to some ZZ Top

I think a great time was had by all!!

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