Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey Batter Batter ..........Swing....

Ahh........and so "Friday the 13th" begins.....
No school for the kids and a relatively nice day outside....
So the kids head outside, for what *I* beleive to be a friendly game of baseball........
Then the shrilling scream comes from outside............
And then I hear Caleb yell "MOM!!!!! COME QUICK"..
Everyone that is a parent knows that heart stopping feeling!!!
So I rush outside and Caleb says "MOM! I accidently hit Carter with the metal baseball bat!!!"
Talk about freaking out!!
I thought his jaw must have been broken!!
I instantly call Dan home to check out the "baby".
Dan assures mom, that she can calm down that Carter is going to be fine
and there is no need to rush him to the emergency room...I was ready to call an ambulance lol..
I made him sleep in our bed so I could wake him up throughout the night so I knew that he was ok....I think it made me more scared then Carter.
Today he's not acting like anything even happened.
Same ole' Carter, full of piss and vinegar!

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