Friday, January 2, 2009

Boy that was a fast Christmas!!

Boy oh boy, Christmas sure came and went!

Seems like no sooner did we get the tree up and the house decorated and it was time to take it all down again!!!!

I was wrapping gifts all the way up to Christmas day, and I swear I wrapped gifts everyday for the month of December.

Overall tho, we had a great "Holiday Season"

We kicked of the season by decorating our tree. Boy what a work out that was!!

When we got it set up over half the lights on the PRELITE tree did not light and a good handfull of the branches were broken...BUT WE MADE DO!

Dan went and bought new lights for the tree..what a difference that was. We've had clear lights on our tree for around 6 years. Well he bought colored lights! That was a big year it'll be back to the clear lights!
Here is a picture of the boys after we got the gaudy gappy tree well they loved it!) This photo was also sent in our Christmas cards

Caleb hanging ornaments on the tree

We even brought the garden nome in and got him to help!!

I don't think Carter realized his hat was sticking straight up..he kept saying "ho ho ho" but I personally think he looked more like an elf!

For Christmas Eve we went to my sister Samantha's. It was alot of fun and all the cousins LOVED being together. It don't much happen that we are able to get them all together at once.

Emmy with her gifts

Braydon and Gavin. My little peanuts! These two have more energy then a whole CAN of coffee!! But boys will be boys

Whatchu got?? Gavin checking out Braydons goods...

Christmas morning Dan and Caleb woke to a 4am alarm was off to give the pigs their Christmas Breakfast.....Back home and showered by 8am. And would you beleive we had to wake up Carter to tell him Santa had came!! That never happens lol....

While the kid were checking out what Santa brought them we tossed some cinnamon rolls in the oven and oj in glasses...YUM!!

However...the frosting was a little on the thin side, someone and we won't mention that it was the mom of the house, didn't realize the frosting was sitting on top of the stove and well alot of it got melted and oozed out on the stove top.....but hey it happens...ummm....right??? It does don't it???
The boys with their stockings (Thank You Barbee and Charlie)

Carter got Guitar Hero for his playstation and it was so funny, because in this picture he is saying "Aww Guitar Hero Caleb BURN!!!"....not realizing Caleb got one too lol...I'm guessing this sibling rivalry never ends??? .....Not even on Christmas!

After gifts were open Dan and I decided it was best we take a Christmas while we napped the kids played with all their new stuff...kinda but the daily bickering to bay....for a little bit anyways lol....

Later that afternoon we went to dinner with Dan's side of the family, at Grandma and Grandpa's House. We weren't rushed to get there quickly and were werent rushed to leave to get to the next house we needed to visit this year.

It was nice to have a slower paced holiday for once!!

Grandma and Grandpa

Carter got safety equipment from Grandma and Grandpa to go with his new tony hawk skate board...oye.....I see broken bones in the future..I'm hoping we'll get by with just bruises :)

Caleb received dominoes from Grandma and Grandpa. A good gift since Caleb loves playing dominos with them when he stays over there.

Later that evening Grammy and Poppy came over and brought the boys gifts. Caleb got a phone card and Carter got a new piece to his villiage. It moves and lights up!

So in a nutshell that was our Christmas Day.

We enjoyed it, we had lots of fun, we all got lots of great gifts and we all pigged out...what could make Christmas any better then that?!!

I hope yours was just as great!!!

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Teresa said...

Sounds like a great Christmas for all of you.